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Ceylon Tea

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Why is Ceylon Tea Special? 

High Quality

The humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall of the country's central highlands provide a climate that favors the production of high-quality tea.

Black, Gree and White Tea

Ceylon white tea, also known as "silver tips" is highly prized, and prices per kilogram are significantly higher than other teas.

Ceylon green teas generally have the fuller body and the more pungent, rather malty.

Ceylon black tea is one of the country's specialities. It has a crisp aroma reminiscent of citrus, and is used both unmixed and in blends. 

Tea production is one of the main sources of foreign exchange for Sri Lanka (formerly called Ceylon), and accounts for 2% (US $1.5 billion) of GDP 

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Ceylon Tea - Black

Eleven tea-growing regions are found in the country, the best-known are Uva, Nuwara Eliya, and Dimbulla.

Uva is the most famous tea-growing region in Sri Lanka. It is located in central Sri Lanka, east of both Nuwara Eliya and Dambulla.

It has a crisp aroma reminiscent of citrus, and is used both unmixed and in blends.

Green Tea

The history of green tea in Sri Lanka stretches back to the very first experiments in tea cultivation on the island.

Young Hyson (including Chun Mee), Sou Mei or ‘longevity tea’, rolled ‘gunpowder’ tea, green tea fannings and Sencha fannings. 

Much of the green tea produced is exported to North Africa and Middle Eastern markets.

White Tea/SilverTips

Ceylon Silver Tips, commonly known as White Tea/Silver needle, is a very rare and expensive Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka. Silver Tips is entirely handmade tea.

Its name derives from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant.

It has a delicate, very light liquoring with notes of pine & honey and a golden coppery infusion.

Brief Timeline of Ceylon Tea


A tea plant is brought in from China by the British and planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens as a non-commercial crop.


James Taylor initiates the tea industry by beginning a tea plantation (19 acres only) in the Lulkandura (Loolecondera) estate in Kandy.


The first shipment of Ceylon tea, amounting to 23lb/10kg is made.


The tea production of the country exceeds 100,000 metric tons


Ceylon is the official tea supplier for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, 12th Commonwealth Games, and the Expo 88.


The Tea Association of Sri Lanka was formed.

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