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Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the most important and valuable spice produced in Sri Lanka. Before the advent of modern food preservation technology Europeans have used Cinnamon with Pepper to preserve meat products.

Health Aspect of the Cinnamon

Therapeutic effect of cinnamon on diabetic and hypertension is now well established. Polyphonic called cennamatannin, a proanthocyanaidin found in cinnamon is responsible to the above effects.

Most Valuable Sri Lankan Spice

Value added Cinnamon produced such as Cinnamon oil, Cinnamon powder & tablets are also produced in Sri Lanka for export to large number of countries.

In Sri Lanka, cinnamon seems to have originated in the central hills where several species of cinnamon occur sporadically in places such as Kandy, Matale, Belihull Oya, Haputale and the Sinharaja forest range.

First harvest of cinnamon can be taken after three years of planting and two harvests can be taken per year. Harvesting is done when the bark color of the stem turn in to brown and stick diameter is about 3-5cm diameter. Branches and leaves are removed from harvested sticks before peeling and harvested stems should be peeled on the same day.

There are eight cinnamon species in Sri Lanka. Among them, only Cinnamomum zealanicum is grown commercially. Currently, ten cinnamon selections have been identified and those selections are under evaluation in different agro-climatic zones.

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